Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Stats about Architects

I got my annual ARB (Architects Registration Board) report this morning. It was fairly dull. The most interesting facts I gleaned were these:

Number of registered Architects in 2007 = 31,384

Number of Architects struck off for being naughty = 0

Number of Architects struck off for failing to pay £76 annual fee = 678

Number of dead Architects = 17

Number of men in Staines prosecuted for calling himself an Architect when he wasn't, and fined £3000 = 1


Blogger Ragged Roses said...

No naughty architects, oh dear. I guess the one in Staines doesn't count ....
Kim x

5:10 PM  
Anonymous rach said...

well that's it you see, he wasn't a real architect, just pretending to be one.

8:02 PM  
Blogger Tracy said...

Oh Rach - you could be the first naughty architect. What do you have to do to qualify as being 'naughty' in the world of architects? Design a building that will fall down? or make stairs too steep? do tell!!!

5:39 AM  
Blogger Chris said...

How about: design a building that when viewed from a plane looks like a giant cock and balls?

3:45 PM  
Anonymous rach said...

Oh I wish it was that interesting. No, usually architects get into trouble for boring things like not having any Indemnity Insurance or not responding to correspondance in a timeous and professional manner.

Doing things that end up in construction disaster, like making a building that falls down wouldn't get you struck off unless it was proved that you acted negligently. If you were just stupid or shit at your job, then you wouldn't get struck off, you'd just get sued.

I don't know know whether designing a building that looked rude from a plane would be that easy, being as the first drawing a client ever looks at is a plan. That would give the ganme away quite quickly. Mind you, the client could be all for it! I have seen photos of a golf course that looks like a massive naked lady.

10:33 PM  

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