Tuesday, May 08, 2007

What we did on our holidays.

Right, here’s what we did on our holidays:

Started off at Jane R’s 30th birthday Punk Party. Back combed hair. Sprayed it pink. Put on loads of eye make up. Looked excellent. Considered looking like this on regular basis. Shaved Nick’s hair into Mohican. Drank cocktails at party. Shaved off Nicks Mohican. Left at 5am for airport. Tired.

Arrived Eygpt. 35 – 40 degrees. Had shitty room at back of hotel by air conditioning units and drains. Nick complained in polite English fashion. Moved to brilliant room. Dived. Napped. Ate nice food. Dived. Napped. Ate. etc etc etc Completed 15 dives over 6 days.

Dunraven (wreck)
Shark and Yolanda reef (wreck with many toilets)
Saw turtles, barracuda, tuna, napoleon wrasse, moray eels, titan trigger fish, Clown fish, sting rays etc etc etc.
Very beautiful corals.
Weed in wet suit to keep warm.

Was impressed by:
Tim’s excellent diving skills considering his relative novice status.
My own diving skills as revealed by photos/videos taken with new underwater camera.
My ability to drink 8 litres of water a day and not burst.

Do not have:
a tan.
A beach towel. (blew off boat)
Much money left.
The desire to work in an office.

Do Have:
A new weight belt and underwater camera.
many DABs (diving acquired bruises) and random wounds.
Knackered hair.
A total of 61 logged dives.

Arrived home after long flight in small seat next to flatulent obese woman. Chickens still alive and well. Released Maggie from cat borstal.

Hurrah. Here are the snaps: (for your clarification, I am the one with the yellow fins and yellow mask. Nick has grey/silver fins and a green mask.)


Blogger Tracy said...

WOW - what amazing pictures!
I am really scared of water, being out of my depth and getting close to fish - so diving is an adventure that i will never go on!
Glad you had a great time and that Maggie has been released from the cat prison for good behaviour!!
Tracy x

8:52 PM  
Blogger Primrose Hill said...

Hi Rach!
Looks like you had a fab holiday, amazing pictures! Coming home from a great holiday is crap isn't it?
Glad Maggie survived the cat borstal!
L xx
P.S. We've hatched 9 chicks!

10:53 AM  

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