Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Accumulated junk and teddy bears

I'm up to my eye balls in bubble wrap and packing boxes this week. Here are my thoughts:

1) Accumulation of Stuff

We only moved into our current house 2 years ago. At that point we dumped loads of Stuff, some of which seemed a real wrench at the time. I can't even remember what we threw away, so it can't have been that crucial. Looking round me at the mountains of possessions that have accumulated in the mean time I am stunned at our ability to increase our worldly possessions and shudder to think of the financial cost of it all.

2) Tendency to hoard, but never to use.

Last night we emptied the loft. Stacks of boxes containing VITAL possessions (which were packed, put in the loft, and never unpacked,) will get transferred straight into the new loft next week. There they will remain until we die and our grieving kids will wonder why Dad held onto all these old bits of computers and cables that he never used and were obsolete even in his day.

(To give him his due, Nick did poke through some of the 'VITAL but never unpacked' boxes last night and had a bit of a cull. I kept hearing wounded groaning noises as he finally committed 10 year old mother boards to the wheelie bin, but the volume of Nick's VITAL Stuff does not seem to have diminished much)

It's not just Nick that hoards old and useless stuff that no-one would notice if it went mysteriously missing - I am just as bad with crafty stuff and half finished bottles of cosmetics.

3) Sentimental attachments to odd objects

This I don't mind so much, especially when it's my sentimental attachments. However I find it hard to understand Nick's sentimental attachment to his stuffed South Park toys, which is why I managed to sneak those into the charity shop pile last night. To make up for the deception and to provide a diversion to my underhand actions, I lovingly hand-washed Nick's childhood teddy bear that I found squashed in a crate in the loft, blew-dry him so his fur was all fluffy again, and sewed up his severed arm. I think that's a fair deal.


Blogger Tracy said...

You should do as I do and get a skip!!!! It's very cleansing and somewhat cathartic to have a mass clear out once each year. When I moved house 18 months ago - I did it again (got a skip I mean) and only moved anything that I had used within the last 6 months. I promise you that you never ever need / look for the old stuff that you have thrown out. Mind you I still have 'Eugene' who is my teddy that my best friend bought me for my 21st birthday , and he has travelled all over the world with me when I was in the Army, and still sits on my bed now.

6:34 AM  
Blogger Victoria said...

I keep old cards, birthday, christmas, thank you cards everything. I can't throw them out I don't know why - I have boxes of the bloody things!

9:31 AM  

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