Sunday, September 02, 2007

More diving

This summer we went to Ireland to stay on the Dingle peninsular, followed by a short visit to my brother in law, who lives in Waterford.

Dingle is a very nice little place, with hundrerds of pubs and lots of rain. The scenery is beautiful, but everytime we set out for a walk we ended up drenched.

Naturally, wherever there is water there are divers, so we booked a days diving with the Dingle diving centre. We had a fab day with some really nice people, but one day was probably enough. It was absolutely freezing. Nick suffered more than me because in his vanity decided not to wear a hood. Plus I have that lovely layer of female flab that I noramlly despise but on this occasion was rather thankful for!

The first dive was slighlty dull; lots of kelp, some lobsters and not much else. The second dive however was a spectacular cave dive, and I've never seen so many star fish copulating in one place. Incredible.

My two sisters were persuaded to do a try dive, which they enjoyed, but also got very cold. Grace, bless her, tried on all my diving kit the night before in the holiday cottage. She wanted to eat her tea like this. (Warning: this woman may be teaching your kids.)


Anonymous Grace said...

Remove that picture immediately!!

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