Thursday, September 13, 2007

Rachel's Moving and packing guide

There are loads of packing guides available on the web to help you plan your house move and ensure all goes smoothly on the day. Lets be frank, unless you are totally anally retentive then forget those guides - all you need is

Rachel's Moving and packing guide
The average person countdown to moving day!

2 weeks before:
Find your good intentions. You will need these for about 10 days, at which point you will throw them out of the window. Use your good intentions to do the following:
Get packing boxes, tape, bubble wrap etc,

1 week before:
Carefully decide how you are going proceed. Begin by meticulously packing your belongings in to boxes, ensuring that heavy items are put into small boxes to safeguard the health and safety of your removal men. Ruthlessly throw away any accumulated clutter. Have a jolly good sort out of your underwear drawer, airing cupboard etc, and make a charity shop box.

4 days before:
Try not to let panic set in. Don't bother being so meticulous in the packing - the removal men will just have to work that bit harder! Besides, as long as it come out at the other end in one piece does it really matter if a box labeled 'living room' also contains half empty boxes of breakfast cereal?

2 days to go:
Oh sod it, just bung stuff in boxes. Tip: Tea towels make excellent make shift bubble wrap if you run out of the real stuff. Stealing shopping baskets from Tesco IS an option if you get desperate for sturdy containers for the contents of your booze cupboard.

1 day to go:
Empty the contents of drawers into carrier bags and shove them under the seats in the car. Packed your hairdryer by mistake? Don't worry, the bed head look suits you. If it's dark then the neighbours can't see you filling up their wheelie bin with your rubbish, and anyway, even if they do see you you're moving tomorrow so what do you care?

Night before:
Shut chickens in coop and undertake emergency alterations to the run to make sure it fits together properly at new house. Make sure chickens have food, water and a box for the journey. Speak gently to chickens to warn them about what is about to happen as they get easily stressed and may die from the move. This nearly happened last time we moved Scramble 1. Try to disguise huge mountain of chicken poo from new house owners with the clever use of bark chippings (This advice only applies if you own chickens)

I can't tell you any more because as I write I am still at the '1 day to go' stage. This time tomorrow I will be rattling around my lovely new house! Lets hope the chickens make it without karking it.


Blogger Primrose Hill said...

Hey Rach!

Hope all goes well with the move and the chickens survive, I'm sure they'll be fine!

Drop me an e-mail with your new address.

Good luck and take care,

L xx

3:16 PM  
Blogger Tracy said...

Good luck with the move..thinking of you - I always find alcohol helps - just get slowly pissed as the day goes on - you'll be fine!!!!

6:01 AM  
Blogger Jannah Delfin said...

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8:25 AM  

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