Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Slatted Shelves

I have seen a huge increase in the amount of Polish guys on our building sites in the past 5 years, and on the whole things work out OK. We have the odd difficulty in communicating, but they work really fast in comparison to most British builders who always seem to be sitting in the van, drinking tea and ‘reading’ the Sun whenever I turn up for my site visits.

The language gap is the biggest obstacle, as demonstrated by this morning’s site visit. Our drawings show an airing cupboard, and a note saying ‘Fit timber slatted shelves’. We discovered today that the well meaning and hard working Poles had carefully installed a cupboard full of slanting shelves. Very nicely built, but not much use for storing your laundry.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

takk takk!!! totally feel your pain on that one rach- we had been using a polish main contractor until recently (had to determine the contract cause of the language problems) the site progress meetings had been absolutely hilarious for everyone except the client (who was paying for the confusion!) I often referred to the site as "Carry on Building!"

12:22 PM  

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