Thursday, October 18, 2007

20000 hits

I've reach a milestone of 20,000 hits!

I have been writing my blog pretty much continuously for just over two years, and have amassed 473 posts. That's one post for every 1 and a half days. Not bad going. Looking back through the archive I can probably group my posts into the following categories:

Chickens and cat
Craft and quilts
Moaning and bitching
Being amazed at the stupidity of people
Interesting phenomenons

I briefly tried to branch out into the world of architecture and construction but was quickly shot down, accused of being geeky, and ordered to get back to quilts and moaning. I think I obliged pretty pronto. I know my readership you see ;-) Plus I quite enjoy a good moan.

Here's to another 20,000 hits x


Blogger Tracy said...

I love reading your blog - it always makes my laugh - even the grumpy posts...I read it and sit and nod in agreement. :) Keep up the writing.

6:54 AM  

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