Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Reflected glory.

Set your videos! The first of Nick’s TV programmes about the abolition of slavery will be broadcast tonight at 2.00am on BBC 2.

It’s the first programme to be broadcast that will have his name at the bottom of the credits, which is weird because he made it absolutely yonks ago. He is semi proud and semi embarrassed because he told me it’s a bit boring, but even so, I think he’s done brilliantly. He had never done any telly work prior to producing this, so it was a steep learning curve. Since then he’s had another promotion and now runs the entire learning department, so he can’t have done that badly!


Blogger Nick said...

These programmes co-incide exactly with tonight's first analogue signal switch off in Cumbria. On one hand completely appropriate given my digital leanings, on the other I feel strangely de-prioritised.

3:54 PM  

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