Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Archers are podcasting!

In a breakthrough move (so Nick tells me) the BBC have negotiated new contracts for the actors in Radio 4's 'The Archers' in order for the programme to be podcasted every day.

This is great news for me. Not because I download it to listen to - I listen everyday anyway, but because now Nick downloads it to listen to in the car and is completely hooked to the ultimate radio Soap Opera.

This is a development I would never have anticipated. For years Nick has gently teased me for my love of the gentle 15 mins of farming related story lines accompanied by the restful mooing of cows in the background. I'm delighted he has seen the light and now seems to care as much as I do about the fate of the church pews, Ruth's persistently escaping bull, and whether or not Will's new girlfriend is just after him for his inheritance.

He's getting better but Nick is still asking me who is who during episodes - maybe this will help?


Blogger Chris said...

There are three words guaranteed to get me racing towards the off button on my radio, they are: "Next...The Archers". That said, last night on Radio 4, there was a "Next... The Archers" that made me laugh out loud, because it followed Gary Bellamy turning into a gibbering wreck at the end of "Down the Line".

It was along the lines of:
Gary Belamy: "AAaaaargh AAaaaargh AAaaaargh AAaaaarghAAaaaargh"
Radio 4 announcer: Don't have nightmares. Next... The Archers.

Well, it made me laugh. It's probably on listen again.

2:13 PM  
Blogger rach said...

I'm very sad to hear you don't like the archers. Nick used to be like you, but ha haaaaa I've got him in my clutches now...

Incidentally, Down the Line is one of the best radio comedy shows on at the moment. Scarily realistic. You only have to listen to Richard Bacon's phone in show on Five Live in the evenings to realise how true to life most of the characters in Down the Line really are!

3:16 PM  

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