Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Crash site

I'm telling you, the bus stop outside my office window is the source of limitless activity and action.

This morning I have been doing my good samaritan bit by providing tea and chairs to the poor unfortunate people who were standing in the bus shelter when a bus crashed straight into it. The noise was horrendous.

Luckily no-one was badly hurt, although 2 ladies were taken to hospital, one who took the whole weight of the bus shelter landing on the back of her her head. She was awake, but couldn't speak, was covered in broken glass and was shaking badly.

I rang 999 (the first time I've ever had to do that) and before I knew it the police and ambulance were here, adminstering first aid and taking statements in my office corridor out of the rain. It was rather surreal. I became a tea lady dishing out sweet tea to various dazed looking bus passengers.

Apparently the bus driver has passed his test less than a week ago. He must be feeling dreadful.

I took this photo about 30 mins after the crash, but it's a bit crap because I felt a bit goulish and tried to take it without anyone noticing. By this time they had tidied up the bits of the bus stop into a pile to clear the pavement, but imagine that thing landing on you!

The most amazing thing to me during this whole episode was that the emergency services put me on hold! I rang 999, got through to the operator who asked 'which service?' I said ambulance and then she said 'you are held in a queue, I'm putting you on hold' Admittedly by the time I'd got over my astonishment (probably about 3 seconds) the ambulance people had answered, but it was wholly disconcerting. For those 3 seconds all sorts of images flashed through my mind of someone bleeding to death by the side of the road, one hand staunching the bleeding, the other hand clutching the phone and being told 'Your call is important to us and we will attempt to answer you shortly. please press one for head injuries, 2 for limb amputations, 3 for heart attacks, 4 for accidents involving hoovers. In the meantime, here is some music...' (fades to the Blue Danube)


Blogger Chris said...

Crickey. I bet the bus driver is feeling a little, well, unemployed right now.

2:56 PM  
Blogger Twila Grace said...

Wow! Amazing that no one was hurt badly, or worse.

12:50 PM  

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