Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Wake up cat

I don't need an alarm clock anymore - I have my very naughty and untrainable cat. Since moving to the new house and installing a cat flap she has total free access to any room and can open doors by banging against them with her head until they open.

These days she has taken to sleeping on my feet in the night and then at about 6.30 she comes to sit on my neck and puts her face about an inch away from mine, purring loudly. It's a bit weird opening your eyes and seeing a huge green pair staring at you from such close quarters. If I ignore her or throw her off she persists until I get up and feed her.

We have tried shutting her in the utility room at night, and pushing the table and chairs against the door but she can push them out the way because the floor is smooth.

It seems we are not the only people who suffer from this:


Blogger Twila Grace said...

I loved the cat skit. Just this morning my cat, Big, was being a stinker. I had to kick him off the bed as he was deliberately doing things to waken me. Then when I got up I realized that his bowl was empty, and I felt bad. Oh well!

12:56 PM  

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