Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Beer Python

Here is a little bit of pub-speak you can use to impress your mates next time you're down the pub. The tube that delivers the beer from the kegs in the cellar to the bar is called a beer python, which I think is wonderful use of language.

We are currently building a new bar for a hotel client up in the highlands, and one of the trickiest problems we have had is finding a suitable route for the Python. Customers will have no idea that their freshly poured pint of beer will have travelled on a tortuous route from the beer storage room, through the gents toilets, under a concrete path, up through the kitchen floor, behind the fridges, out though the roof, along the top of the kitchens, and back down into the bar itself.

Just ponder on that next time you sup your lovely pint. It might have been hanging around in the gents all afternoon.

this is a beer python.


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