Friday, December 14, 2007

Pink Floyd obsession returning?

I find lots of things Nick does really hilarious. This is because I am in love with him, and everyone accepts that when you love someone your humour filter gets a bit warped. I will be falling about in hysterics, tears in my eyes, whereas other people will just raise their eyebrows and wonder which planet we've both stepped off.

This happens alot with Nick's 'impressions'. I put them in inverted commas because, if I turn on my normal humour filter, I know they are verging on the terrible. However, I listen to him wailing on like Roger Waters all dewy-eyed like a love struck teenager and recommend in all seriousness that he should apply to go on Stars In Their Eyes.

Nick can do 3 impressions to a passable standard:

1) Roger Waters form Pink Floyd. This involves lots of wailing and sounding anguished.
2) Elvis Costello. A more Nasal version of the above.
3) David Bowie. A slightly less wailing version of Roger Waters with more gaps.

I'm concerned that Nick's Roger Waters obsession may be returning. He confessed to me that when he was 15 he was fascinated by Pink Floyd and practiced his Waters singing technique compulsively. Recently I've heard the dulcet tones of the real Roger Waters drifting out from the living room with increasing regularity, and today Nick announced that he had downloaded the entire Pink Floyd catalogue from Itunes. 2 days ago he was watching a documentary on the band whilst eating his breakfast.

Were it the not the case that Pink Floyd are actually brilliant I would be worried that Nick was suffering some kind of mid 30s crisis by trying to regress to his 15 year old self. As it is I am glad for the revival currently in progress in our house. Long may it continue.

(cut to a Water's wail.....fade to nothing)


Blogger Chris said...

I think it's probably the other way round; when Nick was 15 he was acting as his 30 year old self. Both Nick and I were carriers of the TYTLTH gene (too young to listen to that) causing us to listen to deeply uncool things like Pink Floyd, Yes and Genesis when we were teenagers.

8:22 AM  

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