Friday, January 25, 2008

artistic collaboration

I am quite friendly with Esther, who owns the quilting shop in Linlithgow, Purely Patchwork. It's a lovely shop and I'd recommend a visit - it's like a huge paint box of colours with fabric from the floor to ceiling.

Esther also designs and puts together quilt kits for the shop. The kits include all the fabric you would need for a particular quilt, plus the instructions. Esther makes up a sample quilt of each kit so customers can see what they will end up with.

Last night we had a fun evening of chatting and quilting up her sample quilts ready for display. She had worked really hard and finished 4 quilt tops in preparation. Very magnanimously Esther said I could work on which ever one I fancied, and that I could quilt it in whatever pattern I liked. I thought this was cool because I would never let anyone else quilt one of my pieces without micro-managing every line they sewed!

It was great to work on a quilt which was made by someone else. It focused my mind really well, and curbed my sloppy habits. It was a bit like doing the washing up at someone else's house - much more interesting than doing it at your own sink.

It got me to thinking about collaborating on projects more. Esther said that she would never have quilted it in the way I did, and I imagine if I gave her one of mine to do it would end up so totally different and potentially more exiting.

Anyway, I managed to speed my way through it (New sewing machine performing magnificently) and let's hope the finished sample encourages lots of sales of the kit!


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