Thursday, January 10, 2008

Help me to find new chickens

Do any of you chicken keepers know someone in the Glasgow/central belt area who could supply us with some new birds? Poor Omelet, our last remaining cream legbar hen, is all on her own and seems a bit lonely. She is shy to run to us without her sisters for support, even when we are shaking the corn tin, and the bad weather has made her spend the last week sitting inside her house looking utterly dejected.

Now we have moved house the guy we got our last 3 from is along drive away. It's do-able, but I would prefer the chickens not to have a 2 hours car journey if possible.

We are not too fussy about the breeds we get but would really like to get more brown leghorns if possible, and perhaps a hyrid for egg production duties. We have also considered getting some rescues battery hens but I have no idea where to get them from in Scotland. All the battery hen resuce places on the internet are way down south.

Any ideas?

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