Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Jane's belated Birthday Quilt

Thank god for that. I have finished Jane’s birthday quilt. Only 9 months late. This is it:

I’m quite shy about showing this to you. I have had mixed feelings towards this one throughout it’s creation, which accounts for the huge amount of time it’s taken for me to complete it.

Now it’s done I like it. I chose the colours to go with Jane’s living room, which has white walls with a deep red chimney breast, sandy coloured sofas and wooden floors.

I think that maybe there are too many colours, and it would have been better (and quieter) if I had restricted the palette somewhat. Still, I have told Jane she can fold it inside out and sit on it if she has a hangover and the stripes get a bit much. She assures me she likes it, but I really hope that she isn’t just saying that because I made it rather than bought it. Always a dilemma when faced with a hand made gift! She can always keep it under the stairs and drag it out whenever I visit.

I have just to sew on the binding and post it and my obligation will be complete!


Blogger Twila Grace said...

Oh I love it, and I think that she will too. I also feel insecure about the quilts I make for others, worrying about whether they'll like it. I always say to them, "It's your to do with what you want; you can use it daily, or stash it away in the closet--no expectations from me". That way they don't have to feel that they have to have it on display when I visit (if they happen to not like it).

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