Monday, January 07, 2008

Office discussions

Ahh, how nice to be back at work. I forgot how much I enjoy our interesting office discussions. This morning’s topics have included:

Morbidly obese women who’s boobs are so heavy that they crush their lungs when they lie down, and have to be supported by a crane. (Apparently on a documentary last night.)

Committing suicide using oven cleaner and it’s long term effects if you fail. (not good)

What is the point of Christmas cake?

A serious debate on whether or not shutting the toilet seat before flushing stops a cloud of noxious germs billowing into the air, and even if you do shut the lid, can the spray come out the gaps at the sides? Should toilets be airtight?

Did Ian actually suffer from the Winter Vomiting Virus currently spreading throughout the UK, and if so, should we be breathing in the same room as him?

When does etiquette dictate that you stop saying ‘happy new year’ to people when you first see them after 1st January?

The knock on effects of pruning roses, merging seamlessly with…

The pros and cons of nosey neighbours.

It’s nice to be gently eased back into work after a 2 week break!


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