Friday, February 06, 2009

The last taboo?

A friend of mine is going for a colonoscopy next week. (That’s a camera up your bum in case you didn’t know)

We were wondering if the doctor would give him a picture of the inside of his colon, you know, like they do when you are pregnant and you get a little print-out of your baby in the womb. This raised another very interesting question:

Why is it not embarrassing to show people a picture of the insideof your colon, whereas I would never dream of showing my arse cheeks in public. Xrays of yourself between the neck and thighs are fine to display, but the skin is not. How very odd.

The biblical ideal is that we should cover ourselves with fig leaves to preserve modesty. Perhaps the 21st century adaptation of this would be lead underclothes? Rachel! for the last time of asking – put your bones away girl! Where is your modesty? And what will the neighbours think of you cavorting without your lead bodysuit on? You know they’ve just had new xray windows installed.

The following image should be censored.


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