Monday, February 09, 2009

Rescue Diver

I had the first session of my Rescue Diver course on Saturday. I had got all confused about the dates, and it was only during a walk down to the take away on Friday night Nick reminded me that it was actually the next day and I had better read the manual because I would be having the exam.

Well, I got all panicked and stayed up late trying to revise. My slightly swotty tendencies from my schooldays resurfaced and I became all competitive. My main aim was to ensure I got a higher score than Nick.

Luckily (well, lets be frank, probably down to my sheer brilliance) I only got one question wrong in the whole exam which was the highest score in the class. God I even irritate myself.

Tonight is the first practical session in the pool. Because Nick is already qualified as a rescue diver he will be assisting on the course by pretending to be a drowning diver. I have made the stipulation that I don’t want to have to rescue my own husband, just in case the temptation to actually let him drown is too great.


Blogger Tracy said...

You could always put your foot on his head if he looks like he's going to make it :)

6:03 PM  

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