Monday, March 09, 2009

Dayroom yellow

Last month there was a fierce debate in the office about whether or not I had blonde hair. I said yes. Jon was non-committal. Tracey said definitely yes. Ian said no, it was light brown, and used the Farrow and Ball paint chart to prove that my hair was the colour of ‘mouse's back'. What an outrage.

I was bearing this in mind on Saturday when discussing my imminent highlights with the hairdresser. ‘I want to be blonder for my holiday’ I said ‘How blonde? She asked. ‘Very’ I said. ‘And make sure it’s not yellowy – I want it more ashy.’

Oh how I wish I’d had the Farrow and Ball paint chart. ‘Pale Hound no71’ I could have replied with accuracy.

This morning I flounced into the office tossing my newly bleached to buggery hair like a wag on a catwalk. ‘You’ve gone blonde!’ said Jon. ‘No she hasn’t’ said Ian holding up his paint chart. ‘I’d say it was more Dayroom yellow’.

The very cheek of it. I had to retire to the bog to check.

Goddammit. I am dayroom yellow.


Blogger Primrose Hill said...

ooh missy, how lovely you look with your dayroom yellow hair, it suits you. Will send you a wee pm once I've had my lunch!
L xx

12:41 PM  
Anonymous grace said...

It looks lovely! What do boys know anyway! Give me a buzz before you jet off - having the most stressful week at work so it would be good to have a chat! xx

6:13 PM  
Anonymous Dave B said...

Could be worse - instead of the Farrow and Ball chart you could have used a Pantone book. Pantone 7401C (or whatever) wouldn't exactly sound great.

Hope you and Nick are both well

7:08 PM  
Anonymous Ian said...

Has anybody seen my paint chart?

2:04 PM  
Blogger Tracy said...

I think your hair looks great. Never mind Farrow and Ball - at least it wasn't Dulux - that would have been insulting. At least Farrow and Ball is a classy brand!!! My hair colour is 100% all over brassy tarty blonde - and I love it!!!! It used to be 'mouse' which was way too dull!!

8:46 AM  

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