Wednesday, November 28, 2007

going up in the quilting world?

After my quilt was exhibited at the Scottish Quilt Championships in September, I got an email from a lady who is doing her exam to become a judge at similar events.

I was flattered to hear that she had chosen my self portrait quilt (along with another one at the show) to study as part of her qualification. She had to look at my quilt and figure out how I constructed it, then try and recreate a small sample. The idea behind this is so that judges can learn to appreciate what kind of work goes into creating an unusual piece, and perhaps forgive the untidy back, or less than perfect edging.

I had a lovely long chat with her last night about the way the quilt came into being, and how crazy I was to cut out all those 1000s of circles. I even gave away my secrets of how I formed the image. It was really nice to be discussing art quilting again with someone who appreciates what I'm trying to do, and doesn't think I'm weird for wanting to do it! Thanks for the boost Fiona!


Blogger Twila Grace said...

Despite the thousands of little circles and the moaning and groaning over it, that quilt is getting a lot of deserved attention. What an honor to have your quilt "studied"! Congratulations Rachel!

12:47 PM  

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