Friday, January 30, 2009


We currently have 5 dental surgery projects on the go, and for marketing purposes we have been contacting other local dentists to offer our services.

Ian: Is this a wind up?
Boss: What?
Ian: This - Dr Tooth. That can’t be his real name.
Boss: It is. He’s a real dentist. I guess his career choices were pretty limited with a name like that.
Ian: ...and what about this one: Phil MacCavity
Boss: Who put that on the list? Stop messing around and get on with your work.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sunday Morning

Sunday Morning, 9.30 am
'Darling, pop another log on the fire while I make the coffee and bring you some croissants. Oh and save me the colour supplement.' Ha Ha.

(yes, that really is snow on the mountains, and yes, we really did get up at 6.00am to go diving in Loch Fyne.)


Me: Do you want to see the socks I am knitting? (proudly show my half finished sock.)
Colleague: Knitting? Socks aren’t knitted.
Me: Eh? Of course they are. How did you think socks are made? Admittedly most are knitted by machine with very fine yarn, but they are practically all, without exception, knitted.
Colleague: (shrugs) I just buy mine from a shop.
Me: where’s the fun in that?
Colleague: You’re mental.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Time Flies

I thought I'd have a little blogging break and then Wham - it's nearly February.

So what has been happening in my glamorous life? Here's a run down.

Number of diets undertaken: 1
Pounds lost: 6
Pounds subsequently gained: 5

Number of scuba diving trips: 4
Water temperature in Belgium: 33 degrees
Water temp in Egypt: 28 degrees
Water temp in Scotland: 7 degrees and snow on the ground.
Money spent on new Scuba Kit: classified.
Diving courses booked: Rescue Diver and Divemaster.
Weeks in Egypt to become Divemaster: 5 (lucky meeeee)

New kittens adopted from Cats protection league: 2
Cat poos scraped off the cream carpet: in excess of 30
Days wishing we had not adopted the little shitty darlings: too many
Chickens attacked by a Fox: 2
Chickens escaped from the jaws of afore mentioned fox: 1

Knitting projects started: 9
Knitting projects completed: 6
Pairs of Knitting needles purchased:12

Apologies from Husband: 2 Big ones, 20 small ones
Apologies to Husband: 1 Big one, 6 small ones

Ultrasound scans: 2
General Anesthetics: 1
Local Anesthetics: 1
Tumours removed from face: 1 (benign)
chromosome tests: 2 (both normal)

Birthdays I forgot: 5
People I love dearly who's birthday I forgot: 5

attempts at riding on a tandem: 2
Wet my knickers: 1
Posts-it notes found on car saying 'Dickhead': 1
People laughing at something I was wearing: 3
number of wonderful sisters: 2
number of wonderful girlfriends with large phone bills: 3

And that's about it. Didn't miss much did you!
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